Jennie Lawless – Care 4 U Carefully

Lawless began writing Care 4 U Carefully after her partner Chris was in a bad mood on his birthday. She didn’t like the way she reacted to his feelings. “It began as a mantra and reminder to be more thoughtful, but then I surprised myself with the line, ‘Oh no/where did I go/straight into my phone’ and then I realized the song was not about what a kind and compassionate friend and partner I am.

It’s about how hard it actually is to care for someone the way I want to, especially with that tiny little critter in my pocket, my iPhone 7, iOs version 13.3.1, always whispering my name.” On the word “phone” in the line “straight into my phone,” the song moves into this smartphone-inspired world of sonic technicolor with a swirling mass of gorgeous vocal harmonies, arpeggiated synth chords, and watery surreal guitar effects. It’s almost as mesmerizing as an actual phone.