Daily Archives: June 2, 2018


Dresage – Gallery

Dresage, the pop project of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/producer Keeley Bumford, impresses with new track “Gallery”. Evolving from active, clanking rhythms and whirring synths, the track’s first hook hits just past the 50-second mark, when trickling synths accompany an uptick in melodic vocal spirit. By the time the wordless enthusiasm kicks in at 01:12, the track is fully kicked-off in its pop, hook-friendly allure, especially in the notable pitch fluctuations in the vocals. “Gallery” initially seems like conventional pop fare, though ...

DPLV – Look Back

DPLV’s new track “Look Back” is a deep electro-pop cut, with striding percussion and anthemic vocals working alongside a post-punk-friendly guitar line and nocturnal synth flickering. It’s a ceaselessly engaging effort with a hypnotic yet infectious allure, which stands strong throughout the four-minute runtime.